Western Australia wants sharks “killed”, Cook Islands protects sharks

Bernadette Carreon – Fourth Estate Cooperative Contributor

Western, Australia (4E) – Western Australia premier Colin Barnett announced a $7.12m package to fund the killing, tagging and research into shark movements, as the area has now been dubbed as the “world’s deadliest place for shark attackes.”

The money will also be used to fund aerial patrols, tag sharks to monitor movements and reduce the risk of attacks along the coastline.

The state government has recently made this announcement after series of deaths resulting from shark attack in the area.

But many shark species are already threatened with extinction. It is estimated that humans kill about 70 million sharks each year.

While Western Australia is thinking about killing sharks, the Cook islands meanwhile on Dec. 13 declared its waters as shark sanctuary.

Cook Islands declared a 1.9 million-sq-km sanctuary. The country also legislate a ban on shark fishing and possession or sale of shark products.

Palau, the Maldives, Tokelau, Honduras and the Bahamas has also declared its EEZ as shark sanctuaries.

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