Campari Red Diaries: The Legend of Red Hand

The short movie, starring globally-renowned actress Zoe Saldana, Italian actor Adriano Giannini and directed by Italian director Stefano Soliman, is a thrilling mystery story that takes viewers around the world in the pursuit of the perfect Campari cocktail.

Opening in dusk under the iconic Duomo Cathedral in Milano Campari’s founding city, we meet Mia Parc, the charismatic photographer, whose name is the perfect anagram of Campari, played by Zoe Saldana. Director, Stefano Sollima skillfully brings his expertise in the thriller genre to create a tense and enthralling atmosphere that follows Mia in her quest, uncovering a secret mission to discover the mysterious figure of Red Hand, the craftsman of the best Campari cocktails ever.

Mia’s sheer dedication in the search of the perfect cocktail leads her to uncover Red Hands across the world who have the passion and ability to create the best cocktails, with Campari at their heart. In true celebration of bartenders’ talent from around the world, Mia journeys from Milano to New York, Buenos Aires, Rio De Janeiro, Berlin and London, from six of the world’s best bartenders, who have created their own ‘Red Hand’ Campari cocktails encouraging Campari lovers around the world to search for and enjoy the perfect cocktail.

On her leading role, Zoe Saldana comments: “Playing Mia Parc in The Legend of Red Hand was a fantastic experience, allowing me to delve into a world steeped in mystery and intrigue through my character and her mission for perfection. Being part of a campaign that not only has a great legacy, but for a brand with such rich iconic heritage is always such a pleasure, particularly with a partner such as Campari who recognize that behind a great cocktail, there is a great bartender and without the participation of amazing hands, the ingredients wouldn’t quite live up to their fullest potential.”