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Live broadcasts on social media can effectively engage your followers and drive more traffic to your profile. But how do you ensure your audience stays engaged during a live stream? Here are six strategies for keeping your viewers interested and entertained during your live broadcast. 

1. Ask Questions: 

Asking questions is a great way to get your audience involved. As a result, they will feel more involved and likely to stay tuned in. You can ask open-ended questions or polls to encourage feedback or check in with viewers by asking how they’re doing! 

2. Showcase Your Expertise: 

You can demonstrate your expertise in a particular area during a live broadcast. Share tips and tricks, advice, insights, and stories that will help inform and entertain your viewers. 

3. Introduce Viewer Challenges: 

Give your viewers something fun to participate in by introducing challenges! Creating interactive challenges such as Q&A sessions or scavenger hunts can make for an exciting live broadcast and keep viewers interested. 

4. Make Use Of Visuals: 

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Incorporating visuals into your broadcast will keep it interesting for viewers who may need help with long stretches of talking without any other visual elements. Adding images, videos, GIFs, etc., will draw attention back to the broadcast and make it more visually appealing overall. 

5. Promote Interaction With Reactions And Comments: 

Encourage interaction between yourself and the audience by responding directly to their reactions or comments during the broadcast! Your concern for their opinions shows that you care about what they say, which further engages them with the content you’re presenting. 

6. Have fun!: 

Most importantly, have fun while broadcasting! Viewers want someone passionate about what they’re talking about, so don’t be afraid to show off some personality while streaming live! The result is an inviting atmosphere that encourages viewers to stay for extended periods.  


Live broadcasts are one of the best ways to engage with an audience on social media platforms like Instagram, YouTube, Twitch, etc. Still, you must take steps toward making sure those audiences stay engaged throughout each stream! Implementing these six methods for engaging audiences when broadcasting live ensures that each stream is successful and enjoyable for you and your viewers!