Bree Reid in black dress sittingBree Reid

Bree owns a model school called The BR Academy, meaning Be Ready Academy, located in College Park, GA, which plans to launch August 2021. BR Academy teaches everything from proper runway and pose techniques, unique confidence building, makeup artistry, camera etiquette and much more. Bree is dedicated to bringing support and opportunity to young and upcoming women in the fashion and entertainment industry. The ones who have the drive, skillset, and passion to learn, grow and develop their personal image.

About Bree Reid

Bree Reid is a sassy, stylish, sophisticated fashion model based in Atlanta, Ga. She possesses a burning passion to become one of the top international supermodels in the world. Bree was born into a military family, so she loves to travel and meet new people. She has a fiery and adventurous personality. Bree began modeling at age 17 and has not stopped since. She has successfully walked in over 50 runway shows and has worked with several top designers, stylists, photographers, hair, and makeup specialists.

Bree Reid in black dress sitting
Bree Reid

Bree decided to pursue modeling because she was born with a very special walk. A walk that makes you look twice. A walk that the fashion industry is missing. After being told that she was born with a walk like that of supermodel Naomi Campbell, she began to study Campbell’s runway walk like a mad scientist. In Bree’s first years of modeling, she attended John Casablancas modeling and acting school. She trained to be in the spotlight for 6 years, but the industry wasn’t quite ready for her. Bree submitted to top model agencies all over the country, such as Wilhelmina, IMG, Ford, Next and many more but she was never selected. She also auditioned for several model expos in Atlanta, Chicago, Houston, Miami and was not selected. Bree even went as far as leaving everything she knows to move to New York City to make her break as a supermodel in 2018. She was once again not selected. Feeling discouraged, broken, and powerless, Bree left New York and returned to Atlanta. She realized she needed a clean slate and began rebranding herself in 2019, which is who you see today.


Bree is currently furthering her education in Journalism with a minor in communications at Georgia State University to enhance her knowledge in brand and media development, public relations, marketing, and social media influence.

 She has also begun her journey of learning Spanish as a second language. Bree has no limits for herself and wants to change not only for herself but also for young girls and women that suffer with the industry stereotypes. Change is coming and Bree is a part of the movement and plans to pass it onto the next generations of powerful women. Bree is still on the run to become a global supermodel and is a woman who truly believes in accomplishing her goals no matter what and wants to inspire others to do the same.


Bree is empowered by the 3 F’s. Fashion, Family and Fierceness. All represent hard work, passion, and delicate care. Her mission is to pave a pathway for those who have the drive for greatness, but don’t know where to start. She wants to inspire those with dreams to move in their own direction powerfully and confidently, deflecting any negative emotions that don’t belong to them, while gently and lovingly pushing through the ones that do.

Bree Reid in black top and striped pants