Media corporation FTC Publications, Inc. and affiliated companies after numerous objections over TikTok’s privacy and after they admitted to suppressing videos from disabled and LGBT users has dropped the platform. FTC Publications, Inc. also concerned about National Security, particularly in the United States and other international locations such as UK, Paris, and Australia ceased promotion on the platform.


There has been much concern over how the platform uses personal data. Executive and Company accounts were removed by FTC Publications, Inc. from the platform just days after the handles were verified.

From Wikipedia

Several users have reported endemic cyberbullying on TikTok, including racism. In December 2019, following a report by German digital rights group, TikTok admitted that it had suppressed videos by disabled users as well as LGBTQ users in a purported effort to limit cyberbullying. [Full Wikipedia Article]

Music Releasing

While the company will not remove or delete existing talent music on the platform, it will ask artists if future music should be listed and will do so at the artist’s request.