Given a Swahili name meaning “Star” by her parents at birth, is an aspiring model and actress, with a love and natural talent for dance/choreography and a gift of hair art as a Loctician. Her love for dance is displayed in her photos, as many of her poses are caught in motion, and her love for hair is shown in intricate styles she sports on her locs.

She commands the attention of any room with her elegant and sultry features, her full head of natural locs and her powerful Queen-like presence!  A native of New Jersey, she now calls Atlanta, Georgia home and is focused on becoming one of the most sought after models representing curvy, tall women as an FTC Publications Talent..

​Look no further than Najma Shy to fulfill your demands for a natural artist who understands the process of bringing creative visions to life with the use of three different mediums. Modeling Acting, and Dance.  A woman who embodies the characteristics of a leader with the humble understanding that she is “the prize!”  Enjoy the positive energy of Najma Shy! 

Professional Plans:

The goal that I am focused on during the COVID-19 pandemic is laying the foundation for my future success. One part of that is developing and growing my social media reach and presence. Because I only post content that I am proud, and I post consistently. I am constantly pulling in new followers. The more followers I get, the more opportunities I tend to attract. I look forward to continuing to find ways to create engaging content.

As far as long-term goals are concerned, I see myself using my online presence by converting my followers into customers. With a natural entrepreneurial spirit, I thoroughly enjoy providing value while being compensated for doing so. I also see myself booking more modeling gigs and getting cast for some acting roles as productions resume. I am utilizing YouTube as a platform to brand myself as well, expanding my loc maintenance business (IG: @styledbynaj) and other plans.


My complete advice to aspiring models is too extensive to say here, but I will boil it all down in two words: quality and consistency. If you believe in yourself and you are consistently working towards creating and putting out high quality work, people are going to notice you. You don’t want to get lumped in with the group of models who are constantly posting raw and watermarked images (reflecting that they didn’t pay for final retouches), post blurry low quality photos and are willing to shoot with anyone with a camera. Hold yourself to industry quality standards for your content and professionalism and you are bound to come across like-minded individuals who will help you along your journey.