Krista Robinson

National Model Krista Robinson is the first to be selected on a national billboard campaign in the United States to represent several brands. The selection process has been ongoing for 4 months with over a thousand applicants from around the world. The ultimate decisions came from among a few finalists in the very competitive selection process.  There were 14 finalists and, in the end, 6 were chosen to represent the brands with Krista being among the first to be selected.

A very well-known National Model with FTC Publications, a multinational media and technology company, and several years’ experience modeling fashion and commercially also serves her local community in Florida by volunteering and serving charities using her influence to help those in need. Notable examples include helping those with behavioral issues and lower income communities. Krista is managed by a team of professionals from FTC Publications that handle assignment duties from publishing, travel, public relations, and contract negotiations.

The national billboard campaign will run over the next 6 months with several brands appearing in select cities to complement other advertising that will occur in the local market as well as nationally. The billboard marketing trend that has picked up momentum recently allow motorists on the roadways to consume advertising while in their cars either on the highway or in traffic.

The billboard campaigns will add to Krista’s portfolio of work. Some major brands locally, nationally, and online have featured Krista in video, television, and print.

Krista is an also educator and mentor to others who have a desire to enter the modeling career field. This fact was not widely known among her fans until recently when at a news conference it was announced that she was considering mentoring on one of her upcoming trips.

Krista in Fashion

Krista works on the runway locally in Florida, nationally in New York and Atlanta, and internationally in the United Kingdom. Brand representation spans high fashion and Haute Couture.

Krista in Commercial Work

Print brands and print advertising nationally and internationally. Her FTC Publications Management comment that “She’s in a class all her own, given a unique look that exceeds clients’ expectation.

Krista in New Media

Internet advertising and being a brand ambassador have always been where Krista excels according to her management lead Lisa Davis. “Krista puts the edge on the campaign and brings the special ingredient to separate the brand from the competition, because we can expect results on her work rather than her raw influence.”

Krista on the Billboard

Krista’s team comments on her new campaign. “She is already well known, so seeing her on the billboards will excite her fans, and we think the brands will be excited as well.” – and all initial signs make this statement appear to be true.  The first geographical area will be in Tallahassee, Florida moving to Atlanta, Georgia to represent an online market brand (brand withheld until released).  Running just a few weeks later will be New York City, and Washington, DC. There will be companion advertising in the Southeast United States and moving to the Northeast at the same time which may not feature Krista in the companion material, but definitely on the boards. While the exact details where not disclosed, the team did indicate that she will possess about a third of the board with the brand taking up the rest. “We don’t want to just focus on her beauty, but the beauty will enhance the brand message and engage the consumer on the road or at the red light”, Lisa added.

Krista Robinson posing in front of gate
Krista Robinson

More on Krista

She has been modeling professionally since 2017, a Mother, and a spouse in Florida. She has lived in Atlanta, Georgia in the past and loves to cook.  Fans indicate that she is down to earth, and her team indicates she has a humble presence about her even though she has a stunning look. Her Instagram is IG: @issa_blackbarbie22 where she engages with her fan base as much as her schedule allows.

By Warith Niallah

Warith Niallah is the Managing Editor of FTC Publications Newswire. He is also a writer and photographer and has been in professional journalism, computer science & information systems, production, and public information since 1988. Warith serves as the Chief Executive Officer of FTC Publications, Inc.