“Follow Your Dreams” is the title of the Laurèl Fashion Show held at 6 pm in Kaufhaus Jandorf, the new location at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week in Berlin.

Daydreams, life dreams, the stuff that dreams are made from… Laurèl’s Fall/Winter 2017 Collection explores the concept under the heading of “Follow Your Dreams.” “I’m inspired by people that hold fast to their dreams,” explains Laurèl Head of Design Elisabeth Schwaiger. Her new collection focuses on capturing shooting stars from the sky, building self-esteem and bringing visions to life.

Star guests including Mina Tander, Jeanette Hain, Alexandra Neldel, Katja Flint, Alice Dwyer, Sonja Gerhardt, and Maria Ehrich lined the first row and followed the show with fascination. Other VIPs from the worlds of entertainment and society, among them Judith Rakers, Doris Golpashin, Ursula Karven, Viktoria Lauterbach, Bonnie Strange, Johanna Klum, Loretta Stern, and Jana Ina Zarrella, rubbed shoulders with more big acting names like Gizem Emre, Anna Thalbach, Chiara Schoras, Laura de Boer, Stephanie Stumph, Mariella Ahrens, Ann-Kathrin Kramer, Gerit Kling, and up-and-coming stars such as Mala Emde und Ben Münchow, all keen to snatch the first exclusive look of Laurèl’s new styles.

“Don’t part with your illusions,” advised Mark Twain. Dreams are what give us motivation and spark our creativity––in fashion as in life. Elisabeth Schwaiger and her design team have expressed this idea in the new collection, reveling in opulent fabrics of brocade and silk, glowingly colorful art prints, playful patterns and sequined embellishments––like an evening dress with allover embroidery in rich Bronze. “I believe dreams are always journeys to another world or another time,” reflects the designer about the new season’s collection. “Dance like nobody’s watching… just going for it and giving my emotions free rein. The result was a lavish array of historical style references and modern elements, which are blended together to create a world of fashion dreams.”

The collection’s most distinctive feature is its diversity of style. Exotic, opulent touches confront a sporty, casual coolness that is very Nineties. Grunge meets baroque, masculine teams up with feminine, streetwear embraces romantic, and all fuse into a “rough, laid-back luxury” that is the essence of the look.

BERLIN, GERMANY – JANUARY 18: (L-R) Designer Elisabeth Schwaiger and Viktoria Lauterbach attend the Laurel show during the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Berlin A/W 2017 at Kaufhaus Jandorf on January 18, 2017 in Berlin, Germany. (Photo by Franziska Krug/Getty Images for Laurel)

Outlines are flowing, playfully combining a variety of lengths. Styles are highly decorative, featuring a Seventies twist that showcases their feminine side, yet is countered by flowing shapes. Raw-seamed knits in casual cocooning-inspired lines bring vibrant contrast to more tailored looks in classic checks that give a nod to the Scottish Highlands.

Heritage patterns receive a new lease of life, opening up breathtaking worlds of fabric; brocades and jacquards are designed exclusively for Laurèl, reminiscent of the Arabian Nights and referencing vintage kimono prints from the heart of Asia. Subtle sparkle, added by Lurex, lame, metallic-finish leather, and shimmering prints, is a predominant design feature and permeates the entire collection. It’s like breathing cold, crisp air on a winter night, walking through a flurry of glittering, sparkling snow crystals.

Highlights include a velvet overall in Teal, teamed with a check coat in brushed wool; a full-length pleated dress with side slits in Black, parting on the catwalk to reveal a fine knitted catsuit in pastel Violet, and a full-length velvet dress with art print in shades of Green with double strap detail, teamed with a jacket in Khaki.

Styling makes use of recurring elements; parkas are nonchalantly shoulder-robed or carried over the arm, and deliver clear-cut contrasts to evening dresses. Large shawl collars in chunky knits add a rough-edged, modern feel to these ultra-opulent styles. The bold pattern mixes are finished with velvet heels worn with sparkling short socks, fur sandals, or shiny sneakers. It’s a collection that throws open the doors of creativity, allowing space for individual personality.

Make-up is natural, in a sunny, nude look set off by an electric jolt of pure red lip color. Hair is drawn into a bun with loose strands casually curling at the sides, effectively framing the glamorous earrings.

As a first this season, we invited some very special influencers to visit us in the Miss Laurèl Loft in the gorgeous Gorki Apartments. Guests included the ladies from Queen of Jetlags, The Fashion Fraction, Designdschungel, Lisa RVD, Hoard of Trends, and Simple et Chic, who selected their personal highlights from the new collection and dressed them up in line with their personal vision. The dazzling Laurèl street styles they created were photographed in the area around the location.