Entrepreneur and philanthropist Lisa Leggz announced on her Twitter that “Mr. Protect Yo Heart, Uncutt” will be featured at Melanin Day Festival in Miami on October 11th, 2021, themed “The Revolution is Self Love.”

Lisa Leggz has been dedicated full time to the community of Little Haiti since the “Divinely Feminine” exhibit during Art Basel Miami 2015. The exhibit’s purpose was to share her vision of a center dedicated to uplifting women first with the world. She made such an impression on the building owner that the exhibit led to the establishment of the Art of Healing Community Center in that exact location, starting with the free after-school arts program, events, and workshops.

While curating the “Divinely Feminine” themed exhibit, Lisa Leggz picked up a paintbrush for the first time since high school to paint love words on the walls to enhance the art lovers’ experience when they visited the gallery. Her curation led to the creation of Alchemic Affirmation Art Tools when challenged by her then mentor Kevin McGovern to create beautiful and valuable art.

Another impactive tool that facilitates the use of art for healing, ‘The Love Express,’ was also created in that first 2015 exhibit, with the rhyme “Grab a brush or some chalkÔÇŽexpress yourself no need to talk”. This rhyme was painted along an expansive wall Lisa Leggz transformed, with a chalkboard on the side, and the other half painted white, into The Love Express, a community canvas with only one rule: EVERYTHING EXPRESSED IN LOVE.

The Love Express is now a pop-up experience, with different-sized mobile walls already featured at several festivals.

Lisa Leggz took some time off to embrace motherhood for the first time and, in 2017, reopened Art of Healing with a free after-school robotics program while personally empowering talent through workshops and experiences. That same year she formally presented her art to the public LIVE during Art Basel Miami and featured a very talented 11yr old artist in her exhibit! The expansion in 2018 included a collaboration with Mosaic Healing & Cultural Arts Collective, a homeschool co-op with Busy Brains Academy, a Baby Basel exhibit featuring the participating youth, and the “art trap” artists’ housing in Little Haiti during Art Basel Miami.

When asked why she does so much for the community, especially since it has been chiefly from personal resources except for a few local businesses, sponsors, and supporters, Lisa Leggz declares that it is her divine duty.

This divine duty is reflected in her art and music, and in 2008, she dedicated her music career to uplifting and empowering girls after stepping into the booth for the first time, thanks to Scott Storch. The collaboration inspired Haute Gal’s name, giving form to what Lisa Leggz has done instinctively her whole life, uplift the women and girls that cross her path.

These days Lisa Leggz is in pioneer mode as she has created a new genre and way to experience music with the release of her “Inspiration” album in 2020. She is incorporating NFTs in this journey and has already released her Lion’s Gate Portal themed genesis drop with digital and physical unlockables and experiences depending on which NFT from the drop someone purchases. The Art of Healing Community Center is partnered with Moda in Color, Inc., a 501c3 organization. Together, they are facilitating the AOH educational program’s 2021 expansion by adding gardening and a mobile gallery and classroom to the after-school arts program right away. At the same time, they secure a building that will be a permanent home for the Art of Healing Community Center in the Little Haiti community.

The gardening program starts on Labor Day 2021 at Rasta Village Farmers Market as students, parents, and community members come out to anchor love and put their hands in the soil. Next up will be Jerkicue on October 10th, 2021, featuring Bon Gout BBQ based out of Little Haiti, and the challenger is TBA in the jerk vs. bbq competition!

Look out for Lisa Leggz merchandise coming soon as The Mawnin Show expands, celebrating her artistry and the messages in her art created for Art of Healing Community Center that shares the power of love, especially self-love, for transforming one’s self and life!

Lisa Leggz shares a quote that stood out to her in 2018 after sharing it with the youth in attendance and hearing them singing it in unison when they arrived for school the next day.

“You can’t have a heart without the word ART.”

Now we have two favorite quotes from Lisa Leggz, adding it to our number one quote, “It’s All About LOVE!!!”