Tae McKenzie on golf course with assistive equipment on wheels holding golf club.

Tae McKenzie, a National Model who suffered from a severe stroke March 18th, 2011 and even afterwards has continued her career as a model with performances in New York Fashion Week in 2018, Radio and TV Appearances, and Honorary Grand Marshal Novant in the Thanksgiving Day Parade; Charlotte, NC in 2016. Tae is an FTC Publications National Talent, the 2016 USA Ms. Heels for Wheels, and is the 2019 Plitzs Fashion Marketing Icon award winner.

Tae is a mentor to others, both disabled and not in modeling, fashion, and career guidance.  She heads the non-profit MFSE, Modeling to Fight Stroke and Epilepsy in an effort to find a cure, educate, bring awareness, end discrimination and provide advocacy, to existing communities resources and support services for person(s) with strokes and epilepsy.

The Golf outing is another example of how anything is possible.