LeBron James in yellow basketball uniform

LeBron James is producing a feature film based on his book. “Shooting Stars” is seeking at least 5 roles. One of the roles is based on the NBA megastar himself. Here are the roles and what the production company, Springhill Company is seeking.

LeBron James, a male aged 13 to 22.

He is tall, physically imposing and already a formidable basketball player who is quickly establishing himself as a force to be reckoned with in the sport; LeBron has been raised in modest circumstances by a single mom whose belief in him never wavers for an instant; he and his best friends, Lil Dru, Sian and Willie, have been known as the Fab 4 ever since middle school, and they are inseparable both on and off the court; at St. Vincent’s Catholic School in Akron, they rack up amazing victories beginning in their freshman year; but LeBron’s meteoric rise to stardom puts a strain, not only on him, but on his teammates, who feel eclipsed by all the hoopla surrounding him; when he is suspended in his senior year for the paltry “offense” of accepting a jersey from a fan, LeBron realizes just how much the loss of his team — and his friends — has meant to him; he petitions to be reinstated for the final game of the season, going out on a high note — and reconnecting with his “brotherhood” at the same time — friendships that will last a lifetime…lead; please submit talent with basketball playing skills.

“Lil Dru” Joyce, a male aged 13 to 19.

LeBron’s fellow teammate and one of his best friends, a strong-willed force of nature who, despite his small stature, is a force to be reckoned with on the basketball court; he’s known by the Fab 4 as “The General”; he’s the son of their long-time basketball coach, and hails from a stable, churchgoing family; when Lil Dru realizes that he will be relegated to junior varsity at their new high school, he engineers their move to St. Vincent’s, a Catholic School in Akron; their team soon passes into legend, as LeBron gains national headlines for his almost supernatural skills; however, as Lil Dru’s dad pours all his energies into LeBron’s career, neglecting the other boys on the team — even his own son — the resentment between LeBron and his teammates festers; but when the “Brotherhood” comes together again for a triumphant championship match — the final game of their senior year — they come back together again, not only as a team, but as lifelong friends; lead; please submit talent with basketball playing skills.

LeBron James in yellow basketball uniform
LeBron James

They also seek roles for “Willie”, “Romeo Travis”, and “Sian Cotton”. Shooting is expected to begin October 25, 2021 in Ohio.

By Warith Niallah

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