Atlanta, Ga. FTC Publications, Inc. Chief Executive Officer approves a 4.5% raise for all staff in North America. The approval, which is the largest since 2017, which on average was 3% will take effect January 4, 2021. Notable increases will be in contract pay among entertainment industry professionals which consist of actors, artists, models, and their support teams, revenue share pay, and royalties for upcoming renewals.

Warith Niallah

Mr. Niallah credits the Company’s low debt and fiscal responsibility for being able to give increases when so many other similar players in the industry are suffering losses and making cuts. All was not rosy in the FTC Publications multiverse; as an example, even though little to no staff were actually present in the offices, the Corporation was still required to maintain parking and office space contracts, causing a 40% drop in revenues amid the COVID-19 Pandemic.

Entertainment and corporate staff performed duties remotely, allowing for operations to continue and keep operations fluid. “A 4% raise is deserved thanks to the hard work of everyone”, Mr. Niallah stated as he briefly browsed the social media platform Clubhouse which caught his eye late December.

Non-profit operations will also receive the same increase, though technically a separate entity, the same raise keeps it all consistent.

As far as international operations go, no announcement has been made just yet. Locations in France and the United Kingdom for example would undergo individual assessments to determine if and when an increase would be warranted, but the Corporation is usually consistent in those matters.

Warith also hinted at an aggressive recruiting strategy for 2021 but did not go into much detail. Speculation is that more will go into documentary and life improvement productions.