TeamFTC’s Tiny Tete Launches New National Brand “BareLace”

BareLace LLC’s 26-year-old full time mom of 3 and now successful business owner from Atlanta, GA has started her new year off with a BANG! The young entrepreneur has now gained the attention of thousands.

Since launching her own lingerie brand and website (, this young mother’s business is now on the rise. After carefully plotting and planning for over a year, owner of BareLace LLC., Derika Long, also known as female rapper “Tiny Tete” and FTC Publications Model to most, is stunned with the results of her new brand. BareLace has now gained over 6,500 customers within a matter of just 7 days.

Since the company’s recent success of launching it’s website, the young business owner posted to Instagram “The most beautiful thing about becoming successful is surpassing your own expectations of success and shutting down all the doubt and negative energy other people may have tried to present you!”

To gain such a successful beginning, BareLace has been in the works for a little over a year as owner; Derika plotted and planned with only funds from her 9-5 work checks and what she calls “a leap of faith,” BareLace has executed its plan to thrive as a business by using the following steps as a blueprint:

  • After deciding, based on gut instinct to take a few of her last work checks and use them to supply herself with inventory, she invested into her business and when she started to reach a faster outcome that what she had expected, she then quit her job to solely focus on her business.
  • By hosting a small shoot with the beautiful “BareLace Babes” and their photographer, she and her team was able to promote the brand using phrases like “BareInMind” and pushing the hashtag #BareLaceBabes.
  • Paying for promo through social media ads, reports now shows that BareLace is rated as 97% of being one of top performing lingerie sites.

About BareLace LLC.: BareLace is a lingerie brand that markets to women of all races, shapes and sizes and is based in Atlanta, GA. BareLace was founded in February 25, 2019 and has produced over $25,000 within its one week of being a newly launched ecommerce site. BareLace has been rated “outstanding” for its production quality and fast response time in the customer service department.