The New Team in Town

In January of 2018, Da’Ja Cooksey went to her mom with a dream she’d soon make her reality! Her mother has shared the same dream as her daughter and they put it in action!

Platinum Jewels Dance is currently a competition majorette focused dance team that is taking the stage, field, and floor with force. The youngest on the team is 4 and the age cap is 18. The Union City, Georgia based Platinum Jewels completed their first competition in Riverdale in April 2018, and their second, traveling to Columbia, South Carolina, where they returned home with a trophy. The fact that both competitions were complete firsts for them they earned a lot of attention from many other teams & hosts. The Platinum Jewels bring a lot of different flavor and styles of dance to the majorette world. Their coach Da’Ja Cooksey (commonly known as Coach Daj) gives them choreography to test and push their skills while also letting them have fun. Coach Joys (Miss Joya) instills them with everything they need to be amazing.  The styles of dance will grow, because both Coach Daj and Miss Joya believe the key is to be versatile dancers. Not only to be skilled exceptionally in one style or genre. They will be well rounded and will explore all styles.

No matter what challenges they face, they will not give up because of the heart and love for dance and performance they have.  Not only are they a team but they are a family, and as they grow as a team they grow individually, one step, one slide, and one competition at a time.

Look out Atlanta and World, the Platinum Jewels may be small and new for now, but they are “Comin’ For You!”

Find them on Instagram @PlatinumJewelsDance and Facebook as Platinum Jewels Dance Co.