Looking to extend their hiatus through 2025, BTS members will soon complete their mandatory military duties in South Korea.

Over the past few years, BTS has become one of the world’s most popular and beloved K-pop acts. Known for their catchy beats, talented choreography, and passionate fanbase, this group has been an enormous success around the globe.

But with their meteoric rise to fame has come inevitable questions about when they will be required to complete their mandatory military service in South Korea. This long-standing requirement is a significant part of many young Korean men’s lives, as they must dedicate two years to serving their country before moving on with their careers.

BTS will be fulfilling this duty sometime in the next five years. According to reports, the boys have all received enlistment notices from the South Korean government, which means they have until 2020 to complete their service. After completing whatever time is mandated for them individually, BTS will be free to go back on tour and continue making music for fans worldwide.

While some may see this extended hiatus as unfavorable for BTS and their fans alike, many believe it will allow them to evolve even further as artists and human beings. With more time away from each other and an increased focus on individual growth, we can only expect even more fantastic music and performances from these talented stars in the future.