Cryptocurrency is trending these days and it’s not just a fad. In this article we will tell you about cryptocurrency and its future.

This is one of the best ways you can make money while the trend lasts – or even better – open up your own miner farm.There are several things you should understand about the market before you start your investment:

1) Like stocks – it’s a volatile trade but with more advantages, especially that it is a decentralized currency.

2) It has good potential for growth because of the fast increase in number of users – even if crypto isn’t stable now, expect an upswing soon. There have been many warnings already in 2017 alone from people who are warning that there would be regulations by countries that want to control their citizens’ money supply (ie China).

Cryptocurrency compared to stocks

Like stocks, you invest in cryptocurrencies and can check your value whenever you want.

Cryptocurrency has the added advantage that because it is not bound to a government, there are no limits on how much one can own – if you have money, then you can invest as much as you like in any amount. Stocks usually have a limit of how many shares an individual or group organization is allowed to own before they get into trouble with regulators (this applies most especially to publicly traded companies).

Risks of Cryptocurrency Trading

Just as with stock trading, there are risks in cryptocurrency trading.

1) It is digital, so it’s vulnerable to hackers – your investment could be gone in an instant if someone hacked your account.

2) Since it’s a decentralized currency and not bound by any government, you cannot fall back on some kind of insurance. What this means is that you are solely responsible for your investment – once the money is gone from your wallet into another person’s wallet (where they can turn it to fiat), then there would be no going back even if something happened to them or their computer containing the private key leading to access the coins in their wallet. The only hope is that this individual or organization would willingly give back the coins and keep quiet.