FTC Publications, Inc. CEO Warith Niallah greenlights new animated short. Creators submitted hundreds of requests. The title will remain confidential until closer to production. The is part of the Animate! Program, a non-profit project under FTC Publications Productions, Inc, a separate non-profit organization. Warith has greenlit at least 6 live-action feature films and shorts over the past 18 months. Animations are more difficult to approve in some instances. The short will appear in three festivals at the time of release. It will also release on streaming networks. Warith selects 2 to 3 projects each year.

Warith’s Instagram post caught attention

Previous Selections

The Executive has selected live-action and animated projects in the past that have grown into favorites. In 2020, Warith greenlit and produced “Let it Go”, a live-action documentary that helps people let go of past issues. It also addresses mental health. In 2019, he greenlit “Crybaby Bridge”. This is a horror documentary film, also live-action. These films were chosen in times when production budgets were tight.


The budget of this animated short will be under $10,000. Typically shorts films can range in cost from a few hundred to several thousands of dollars. There are many costs involved in making a film. Having a production company behind it makes life easier. Producers pay for talent, locations, music, insurance, props, and food. Many producers making films find this out as they go. This is a painful first lesson for many. Animated shorts are less expensive.

Warith didn’t give a timeframe when other projects would be greenlit. He will select 2 or 3 more projects if nothing changes.