Pitbull dog on green lawn

An 11-year old boy was brutally mauled by the pet dog of his father’s landlord in Rajasthan, Jaipur. The incident took place at their home, Tagore Nagar Hanuman Vatika on Monday. Doctors have revealed that he is critical.

Pit bull dogs are a type of dog that is specifically bred for fighting. These are larger than other types of terrier and can weigh up to 130 pounds, and they have a stocky body with a broad head. Pit bulls are considered to be a problematic breed because some people believe they’re more likely to attack than other breeds.

Origin of the Pitbull

Pit bulls were actually developed in England by a guy named John H. “Jack” Russell and was used for hunting badgers. It wasn’t until the 1800s when other varieties of pit bulls were bred, resulting in wider variety of colors like brindle and red.

Difference between American Pit Bull Terrier and British and French Bulldogs

The difference between the English bulldog and the American Pit Bull Terriers (APBT) is that APBT bears no resemblance to its ancestor, but it has been bred to fight and bait since its inception, decades ago. It is not as bulky or as heavy in build compared to its cousins because they are meant to move swiftly.

Pitbull as a Pet

Because of their history, pit bulls are not commonly accepted as family dogs. Some people believe that they have a higher propensity to attack than other breeds due to their past. In reality a pit bull is just like any dog and requires love and care for the same benefits that other companion dogs would give you since humans can train them in both ends of the spectrum—to be obedient or aggressive fighters. Like with any pet, if you get an APBT puppy from a responsible breeder who knows about breeding, it will grow up as loyal and protective as any purebred dog. This breed does require more attention due to its high energy level.

Pitbull Attacks

In recent decades, pit bull attacks have been at the forefront of media coverage. However, there’s a lot more to the story than “man’s best friend” gone bad. A report by BBC suggested that it is difficult to compare fatality rates between dog breeds because each group works with different statistics and methods. It also said that pit bulls are not inherently dangerous dogs, but public perception plays a role in their aggression. In reality, any dog can bite—no matter its breed or size—because they can react out of fear.

Pitbull as an Attack Dog

It is important to understand the purpose for which these types of dogs were bred so that you will know how to treat them if you plan on owning one or getting close to one. They were created as guard dogs and for dog fighting, so they have a tendency to be hostile towards people that they are not familiar with. You may want to get your pet from a rescue organization if you don’t want the hassle of training it because some pit bulls are trained specifically to strike fear in their opponents, which could make them dangerous pets. Also keep in mind that many states consider owning these types of dogs illegal.

Pitbull as a Therapy Dog

There was an instance where the Albany Times Union reported on two pit bulls being trained as therapy dogs from Saratoga County SPCA (Saratoga County Seriously Protecting Animals) since they’re high energy level and fearless attitude made them perfect for this.

Pitbull dog on green lawn
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