Based on a news release from the Louisa County Sheriff’s Office, Jacob Whaley’s body was found in the woods off the side of the road days after he abandoned his car during a fierce snowstorm in Virginia.

Scores of people were stranded in freezing conditions for over 24 hours due to the snowstorm on Virginia’s I-95 highway.

According to the Louisa County Sheriff’s Office, he attempted to walk home six miles after his car broke down on Monday but got lost on the way back. Whaley’s cell phone died, but a relative believed he was possibly in Louisa County based on his last communication.

From local news station WRIC-TV, deputies and volunteers searched for Whaley for three days before finding his car. He was found dead in a dense pine plantation, about 200 yards from the highway on Thursday. The sheriff’s department said he was discovered on Friday.