Close-up of happy young woman hugging boyfriend and looking with love at him while holding jewelry box with diamond engagement ring

Engagement rings have a long and storied history. From engagement ring traditions to engagement ring symbolism, there is no shortage of information about this famous piece of jewelry. We will provide you with a brief history of engagement rings to better understand the significance behind them.

The original meaning of the engagement ring was ownership of the bride. The engagement ring was given to the bride as a symbol of ownership, while she, in turn, would wear it on her left hand because that finger is closest to her heart.

Engagement rings weren’t used as engagement rings or wedding proposals until much later. From there, they eventually evolved into what we recognize today: an engagement ring with diamond engagement stones.

Engagement rings are given today as a symbol of everlasting love and commitment between two individuals. Even so, you can still learn about the history behind an engagement ring!

The engagement ring has been around for centuries and was initially used to signify ownership or property rights during marriage negotiations. Still, now it is more commonly used for engagement ceremonies and engagement proposals. Over the years, diamond engagement rings have evolved into more intricate designs with smaller diamonds and engagement ring settings.

The man giving the engagement ring would start the engagement with a betrothal ring – some women wear their engagement rings on their third finger because the vein leading to their heart runs through it.


Closeup of diamond ring

Diamonds were not common on engagement rings. Instead, engagement rings featured engagement stones like sapphires and rubies.

In later years, marketing efforts to increase diamond sales prompted engagement rings to feature diamonds.

Popular engagement traditions include engagement rings, usually worn at weddings. The custom has prevailed for centuries and is still prevalent in most parts of the world. There are many theories about how engagement rings came about, but the most popular idea says that men wanted to offer their engagement with a symbol of value to show their engagement was worth more than just words.