At 5’10” entertainment comes naturally to TeamFTC’s Jhanai Brown known as Babydoll. Knowing that when she speaks, people listen, and she creates music. Her ego is the drive behind the music while her beauty catches the eyes.

An inspired, creative, and dainty girl named Babydoll was established in Phenix City, Alabama at the age 16 before she herself had even figured out exactly who she was. New to modeling, she realized that she had an essence about herself that set her aside from many others. She seized on the fact that she was taller, and her legs were longer than her female peers. Not to mention the big brown eyes that caught the attention of most strangers that she had come across.

Eye-catching grew on Babydoll. At first, she was a timid, long legged girl who all her life had been teased about her best qualities. It wasn’t until a mentor showed her how to express her best attributes that she found the confidence to be who she truly is. All it took was for her to get in front of a camera and set free the fun, wild, dreamy individual who was at one point hidden.

Growing up listening to old school music that would fill her soul she knew exactly how to put her feelings and beliefs on a track to attract a listening ear. She captured people’s presence by letting them know that she had endured pain just like them, but still letting them know she had overcome it. They could hear what Babydoll had been through, who Babydoll deemed influential, and why Babydoll wanted so eagerly to be valued.

What I don’t capture on camera will be all throughout my music.

As Babydoll expands she wants her fans to understand it’s ok to live life to the fullest. Be who you truly are and don’t worry about the criticism of others. It is ok to have fun while getting your life in order. Most times as young adults we think we have to have everything figured out already and we don’t. Go with the flow. Just as Babydoll once was, we may never understand where we are headed. But if we do the things that make us happy in life there is no telling where we may end up!