Sisters taking a selfie

Customs celebrated during this time vary from location to location.

Here are five ways you can celebrate National Sister’s Day:

1) Call your sister, chat with her, and wish her a happy day. Compliment her and thank her for being there for you in the past and pledge your support in the future.

2) Post a photo of you and your sister on social media. Tag each other and make sure to comment afterwards with how much you appreciate your sister.

3) Grab lunch or dinner with your sister or go out for drinks. Chat about what’s been going on in both of your lives and have some laughs!

4) Invite your sister to do something that she enjoys doing such as going to a movie, taking a walk around the city, or getting together for some coffee.

5) Give your sister a gift that she’ll cherish forever: this could be anything as long as it shows that you really appreciate her and what she’s done for you.

Today is about emphasizing the importance of family. Let your sister know that she is very important to you and make sure to take some time out of your day to celebrate.


National Sister’s Day is celebrated annually on July 30th. In 1981, President Ronald Reagan issued a Presidential Proclamation that officially established the day as National Sisters’ Day in recognition of the devotion and commitment of sisters to one another. The proclamation was made at the request of Sistah’s United for Education (SUFE). SUFE was founded by Joyce Diggs-Jackson, who wanted to improve educational opportunities for African American women and their families. In her speech at the first celebration on July 31st 1982 in Washington DC, she said: “Sisters have an important role to play in each other’s lives – they are there when things go well; they share our happiness and rejoice with us…”

Sisters taking a selfie