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Atlanta based media giant and publisher FTC Publications, Inc. ends relationship with Vistaprint after ten years. The Corporation ended the relationship citing inconsistent order fulfillment. FTC Publications, Inc. is a sponsor of the MFSE (Modeling to Fight Stroke & Epilepsy), a national non-profit in Charlotte, NC. The non-profit has a very important and vital fashion show March 14, 2020 and FTC Publications, Inc. chose to fulfill the program orders with Vistaprint, as a wholesaler of the company.

The programs never arrived and no explanation was offered. FTC Publications works with other fulfillment houses such as Ingram and others and Corporate CEO Warith Niallah indicates “I regret not using one of our other partners… this will never happen again”. The company later announced that all Vistaprint relationships are severed and they will never do business again together.

Disclosure: FTC Publications, Inc. owns and operates FTC Publications Newswire.