So Official Marketing Company, FTC Publications, William Flyod, The Allure Models and others have all partnered to create this room full of opportunities. Companies and brands will elaborate on the importance of marketing and utilizing certain resources and materials to take your business and brand to the next level.

William Flyod, a phenomenal businessman who just joined Porsche, Inc. on an upcoming project, will be doing workshops that helped him shape his brand while creating ways to give back to the community and develop tactics to better our society. Flyod is an artist, designer, CEO of a marketing company and consulting agency. His creative mind will open the eyes of many entrepreneurs.

So Official marketing company will be in attendance and ready to work with casting directors, video directors, studios and more!
They have the resources to help entrepreneurs expand and market in different ways such as video production, photography, brand ambassadors, venues, and promotional packages. They also cast models for paid gigs and great exposure to help build their modeling career.

National Model Raven Fields

The “Allure Models” which are representatives of the Amani Allure brand will be walking the runway showcasing the Amani Allure Collections. There will be two models speaking to the audience about how they started and how joining the Amani Allure brand has changed their lives. Following behind the Allure Models will be a representative for each company for a panel discussion.

With the presence of FTC Publications, Inc. and their many resources both financial and professional, entrepreneurs will be able to showcase their talents to people all over the world. The Company has access to all Major Movie and Television Studios and Networks, employs Models, Actors, and Performing Artists in major shows, commercials, television series, movies, and the recording industry around the world.
Most people have a vision or a plan but have a difficult time being around the right people at the right time!

October 21, 2018 from 3pm- 8pm will be the “Right Time”.

National FTC Publications Model and Allure Models CEO Raven Fields is hosting the event October 21, 2018 for entrepreneurs all over the world to start making steps to building a strong business and brand. This event will allow entrepreneurs to choose between three packages that best fits their needs.

  • The Gold package consists of a photo shoot, promo video, outfit, makeup artist, workshops and food.
  • The Silver package includes a photo shoot, food and an MUA for women or workshops for men.
  • The Black package includes food and admission to network and collaborate.

There will be a table setup with college information for student-athletes about the athletic program and different strategies to gain athletic scholarships. People will be allowed to ask questions that will help them or their children to take their education to the college level.

Stop wasting time dreaming and start looking good, feeling good and doing good! You and your family deserve it!

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