Warith Niallah, Chief Executive Officer

FTC Publications Chief Executive Officer and Author Warith Niallah will make a featured appearance at the Shop & Shoot Modeling and Talent event Saturday December 5, 2020.  The event held by Amani Allure LLC is designed to offer styling, posing, learning different aspects about the modeling industry, and helping new small businesses get started.

Warith Niallah, Chief Executive Officer

“This is a rare opportunity to see TeamFTC and FTC Publications staff in action and to see how social distancing has changed the work in the field” comments Mr. Niallah.

The event, which was sold out in just a few days will draw talent hopefuls from all over the Southeastern United States in a city that is small, friendly, and appropriate for allowing easy accommodations while allowing for safe interactions between the hopefuls and potential talent opportunities.

Raven Fields, CEO of Amani Allure, LLC

Warith and the FTC Publications Talent Operations team hopes that this will open doors for those hungry for knowledge of the business and the chance to come face to face with a large and stable media company such as FTC Publications.  Personal appearances from and with Warith are rare; and his arrival is highly anticipated.  The last time Warith was scheduled to appear at an event in person was 2018, coincidently in Columbus, Georgia which is only a few miles from Phenix City.  The line was so long to see him, that not everyone received an opportunity to meet.

The last time Warith made a surprise appearance was in New York as his cameo went noticed at Mercedes-Benz Fashion week and The GRAMMYs the same year, both in 2017 where he commented publicly about his frustration with not being selected to join the Recording Academy, citing a difference in professional opinion on what Spoken Word is, and how the industry has taken a turn away from the old guard to a new and fresh environment that is friendlier to the Artist.

Parisians were afforded the opportunity to meet and greet with Warith at the grand opening of FTC Publications France when non-traditional ribbons were cut, and which has produced a few French Celebrities over recent years.

With an opportunity to interact with new faces and young, eager, excited hopefuls it might be interesting to see if the next Celebrity is found at this event by the low key and spotlight evading mogul.