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A new fashion reality show has an Executive Producer. Warith Niallah agreed to produce the show, which will be directed by Krista Robinson. “Fashion Sense” is the working title. Insiders say the show will feature the inner workings of creating fashion shows, showcases, and modeling projects. Mr. Niallah will likely form a production team to determine budget, location, and distribution.


FTC Publications Productions has not disclosed a budget. A source indicates it will likely be determined by the number of episodes if released as a series show. If the show is a limited series, this could impact the budget as well. The production team will focus on location after the budget.


Production may not happen in Georgia, although many shows are produced there. There is concern over Georgia’s new voting laws. The same source indicates locations may be in New York or Los Angeles. If production occurs in New York, there will be significant advantages in sourcing a fashion cast. Los Angeles provides excellent weather year-round, and studio resources are available. New York and Los Angeles also provide distribution advantages.


FTC Publications Productions will distribute the show. The planned platforms are streaming. Netflix, Hulu, Amazon, or Roku are the initial candidates. There’s also a possibility that the show could be sold or licensed outright to a platform as an original. This has an advantage for distribution.

Streaming Services

Online and TV streaming services are a subset of broadcasting services. These services allow users to watch movies, TV shows, and online content through the internet. You can also stream live broadcasts of concerts. Streaming media is often distributed over broadband connections, fiber, or cable modem and is not interrupted by any kind of buffer, which makes it more reliable than downloading media or streaming from websites. Netflix, Hulu, Amazon, and other services exist to provide thousands of hours of content. Users usually can cancel anytime they want after a free trial, so there is no risk to trying any service out. This provides immediate exposure for the production and eases promotion.


We have not obtained details on promotion and advertising. Mr. Niallah if often silent about promotion and public relations plans. It is clear that much of the promotion will be based on the final cast.


Production is expected to cast regular individuals. No host has been determined. It is possible that Krista will host as well as direct. The number of cast members will be determined on the basis of show format, runtime, or the limited series length.

Fashion TV Shows in General

I have always been a fan of The Fashion Police, but I will give you some other examples: “Project Runway”, “What Not to Wear” and “Top Model”. All three shows have their strengths and weaknesses. Project Runway is a show where aspiring designers compete for a chance to win the title of America’s next great designer. It isn’t just about sewing and design, however, it also focuses on modeling and managing finances. What Not to Wear’s focus is not only on fashion or the clothes that you wear, but on how you carry yourself in your clothes. Top Model covers the modeling industry from start to finish. Contestants are cast, and are eliminated throughout the season.

Photoshoots and Television

Photoshoots can be used for different reasons, and are one of the best mediums of self-expression. A photoshoot is a photographic session that usually takes place for a magazine, advertisement, or as portfolio photos. The photographer takes images. Television is the main mass mode of communication in the United States and Canada. It has become more sophisticated in recent years with the introduction of high-definition broadcasting and digital television services.

Bridging television and photoshoots involves a number of contributors. The main contributor is the creator of the photoshoot. These contributors range from professional models, make-up artists, stylists, hair professionals, personal assistants and designers to photographers. Final production considers this. This poses additional challenges in streaming since it is on demand.

On Demand Television

Producers may opt in for weekly episode releases. Releasing all episodes at once can suspend the anticipation of a “winner”. FTC Publications Productions has not disclosed what the release schedule will be.

Warith Niallah in front of blue background
Warith Niallah