What about fashion inspires me

What about fashion inspires me. Maybe it’s the confidence I see when I look at someone dressed up like this is art; this takes time. Or perhaps it’s the way it lets people express themselves and be unapologetic in many different ways.


Instead, it’s stepping out with your girls in that all-black lace dress with the kicking red boots. Or out in your sweats and t-shirt. No matter what it may be, fashion is an art, a form of expression. From the way you wear your hair to a ring on your finger. The new Jordan’s have dropped. Or girl, did you see those new red bottoms. Maybe that new Fendi blouse.

The journey

The way artist incorporates art into the equation is legendary. It can be what you make it. It inspires me to stand out and be confident. The fashion industry is a growing business. It has gone through many changes from the looks, the designers, and showcases over the years. Fashion makes statements, beats odds, and always finds a way to shine and bring out the best in everyday life. I saw today how much just receiving a casual shirt, and sweat pants gave a young man so much joy and happiness I smiled.

I thought it was beautiful. Fashion is an expression of love and kindness.

The outcome

It’s a sense of statements and big hearts. Fashion can be a gift to some and god-given talent. Instead, it’s the sights you have from being a fashion scout. Or maybe photographers when there choose looks for their model. When they’re thinking of how they want to brand and sell the products, the marketers or just the plain satisfying look you have when you look yourself in the mirror and smile because you look good !!! So I ask you what about fashion inspires you ?? What’s you in fashion?

What about fashion inspires me