Atlanta female rapper Tiny Tete drops a hot new single titled "Ambitionz Az A Ridah". The track was influenced by late rapper Tupac Shakur.



The beat was recreated by producer Jovan Berry. Tiny Tete takes to be the female version of PAC and expresses that she is on a "whole new wave" from other female rappers of this generation. The female rapper says she is "The Female Rap God" and plans to live up to the title by putting out music that diverse.


Reason being is because a god can do it all. Rapping commercial, meme rapping, and rapping out her real-life problems here and there that people can relate to is her motive. Tiny Tete started rapping at the age of 6 years old. She attended Frederick Douglass High School and Alonzo A. Crime Open Campus her final year.


Tiny Tete has worked with some of the industry’s producers such as Go Grizzly, Yak Beats, Smash David, Millz Douglas and Jovan Berry. She states she writes all her own lyrics and doesn’t plan to ever use a ghost writer. Her first single titled "Anyway" fled the streets of Atlanta in February of 2016 and since then gained a fan base on social media. She is confident that "Ambitionz Az A Ridah" will be the song that places her on the charts and allows her to gain even more fans both male and female.