International star Ametria Peridot hosts online sessions with her fans. In a series of live sessions via Instagram, Ametria connected with over 28,000 fans from the United States, United Kingdom, and Africa with over four sessions.

Ametria Peridot

The theme of her live sessions was love and collaboration. Ametria augmented her live sessions with impromptu performances.
Ametria took the time to promote her brand Girl Code Gcode, which brings a lot of positive energy to women and men worldwide. The lifestyle brand has brought a lot to the public, including volunteer day. Gcode is unquestionably a brand to respect.

Ametria is known for her style and class. Her unique danceability and her positive energy. Even though Ametria is an international star, she’s open to everyone and responds to every fan as much as possible. With over 173 thousand followers on Instagram, she has a loyal base that will stand by her. She has fallen prey to the algorithms on Instagram and Facebook and is being shadowbanned despite being an international celebrity. These algorithms have plagued many celebrities and have impacted their ability to reach all their fan base.

Ametria is a native of Detroit, Michigan, whose talent reaches all corners of the globe.

By Warith Niallah

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